Kampung Kolam, George Town, Penang

Kampung Kolam, George Town

Kampung Kolam is a very short street within George Town's UNESCO World Heritage Site. The straight street runs from the intersection between Carnavon Street and Kampung Kaka to the west, towards Pitt Street to the east.

As with the adjacent Kampung Kaka, Kampung Kolam was once a Muslim settlement inhabited by immigrants from southern India. However, the village was wiped out by the mid-20th. century. It remains as a short street to this day.

Kampung Kolam sign, George Town, Penang

A bilingual Kampung Kolam sign, featuring its Arab name.


Kampung Kolam, or 'Pond Village' in Malay, was named after a water tank that used to exist in front of the residence of Caudeer Mohuddeen @ Kader Mydin Merican, who founded the nearby Kapitan Keling Mosque in 1801.


Kampung Kolam was formerly inhabited by Indian Muslims from southern India since the late 18th. century. The founder of Kapitan Keling Mosque, Caudeer Mohuddeen @ Kader Mydin Merican, had a water tank that catered to the poor, hence the name of the village.

At the start of the 20th. century, Sun Yat-sen, the Chinese revolutionist, set up his Penang base at 120 Armenian Street, just off the eastern end of Kampung Kolam. This location, within the Malay enclave of George Town, was considered discreet and enabled him to evade the British authorities who were rounding up Chinese revolutionists plotting to overthrow the Qing government of China.

However, Kampung Kolam ceased to exist when the village was replaced with brick shophouses in the early 20th. century. Today, it exists only as a short street within George Town's UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Political Representation

Penang State Government

N.28 Komtar State Assemblyman : Teh Lai Heng (Democratic Action Party)

Malaysian Federal Parliament

P.049 Tanjong Member of Parliament : Ng Wei Aik (Democratic Action Party)



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